Construction industry specialists UK wide


The UK Estimating Co. are a team of consultants specialising in multiple construction, building and property related sectors.


Our teams predominately undertake and produce BOQ's in NRM1 & NRM2 & Construction Cost Estimates, Variation Assistance, Quantity Surveying and Drafting projects. Please see our "Services" page for more detailed information.


Here at the UK Estimating Co. we pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient yet affordable service, with tailored pricing options for all client types, from self employed tradesman and subcontractors to large scale developers, investors and builders.


We also implement an in-house Quality Assurance Process to ensure greater accuracy in our work.


Simply request a free quote or email us for further information on any of our services that you may require.


Time is money

Where is your time best spent. Spend less time off-site analysing plans, drawings and documents. Our cost effective services enables you more time to do what you do best. 

Avoid confusion

Technical drawings and specifications can be both confusing and easily misread. Our team of specialists are skilled in this field of expertise.

No subscriptions or obligations 

We assist you on a project by project basis, so whether you are a one off user or a regular client, you can use our services as and when required, with no obligations. 

We assist you and your employees

We can assist your in-house teams, through undertaking the time consuming workloads that exist in various projects.




We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high level of service. Through our quality assured process, we strive to provide all of our clients with accurate services.

"After using several other estimating companies for my takeoffs, I’ve found The UK Estimating Co. have provided the most consistent, affordable and reliable work. I would, and I do highly recommend others in the construction industry to use them."

Tom, Plasterer, London

“We use a combination of our in house estimating team and The UK Estimating Co. team of quantity surveyors to assist us in undertaking the large quantity of annual BOQs we are required to produce, we are focused on both the residential and commercial sector tier 1 to 3 projects. The UK Estimating Co. handles any size project we hand to them, they communicate with us well throughout. Highly recommend.”

Alan, Builder, Bristol

“I had never used an estimating company, until seeing an Instagram ad from The UK Estimating Co. I gave the guys a go and now use them regularly. I was getting bogged down doing quotes and not spending enough time on site earning money. By outsourcing my takeoffs and estimating, I have found myself having more time to get back on the tools.”

Graham, Joiner/Carpenter, Newcastle